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Vorig jaar haalden UZ Brussel en VUB samen €32.000 op voor het goede doel.

At the start of the “Warmste Week”, an initiative by the Flemish radio station ‘Studio Brussel’, VUB’s building D will be open for 24 hours. Every hour you can participate in an activity for charity or visit various booths. We will celebrate everyone who organised an activity for the “Warmste Week” in the months leading up to this closing event. We are also looking for students and employees who want to make those final 24 hours unforgettable. It takes place on the 18th or 19th of December. Who’s keen to set up a booth or organise an activity?



Every year a lot of VUB’ers get involved and help the “Warmste Week” really turn into the warmest week of the year. With our #VUBforlife website we want to give these people the platform they deserve and help them out. After last year’s success we are repeating our closing event, the 24 hours of the VUB on the 18th and 19th of December. This event wants to celebrate the engagement and solidarity shown by so many people and bring them together.


There are two ways to participate in #VUBforlife. You can either organise your own charity event and register a good cause with ‘Studio Brussel’ or get involved with the 24 hours of the VUB. If you opt for the latter you can organise an event, set up a booth or come to building D and deposit the money you raised baking waffles or selling mistletoe in our charity box.


Are you a volunteer with one of the registered charities? Tell us!


We still need to decide which charity to support with our 24 hours of the VUB. Our preference would be to support a project one of our students or employees is involved in. We will give this charity a prominent place during our all-nighter. So let us know if you are an activist and would like us to shine a light on your project. This is your chance to get the 24 hours of the VUB’s backing!


Do you want to nominate a charity? Do you want to promote an activity through #VUBforlife? Would you like to participate in our 24 hours of the VUB? Would you like to come and tell us and our visitors on 18 or 19 December what you did for charity? Or do you have a different crazy cool idea? Contact us! We will make it a warmest last week of the academic year!


[T] 02/629.20.10 (Infopunt Studenten)