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No fireworks at the festive opening of the academic year, but some spectacular performances by Brussels stars. From the VUB orchestra, which set the academic opening in motion, to DJ Fox Adam. Young and old got their money’s worth.


The first highlight was provided by the VUB orchestra. Could it be any more fitting to start the academic ceremony of two freethinking universities with the song ‘Thought are free’? Accompanied by the VUB orchestra and host Annabelle Van Nieuwenhuyse, the audience sang ‘happy birthday’ loudly while 235 birthday cakes were cut. Does it have to be said that the atmosphere was exuberant?


No Brussels party without the crème de la crème of the Brussels hip-hop scene. After the official ceremony, Straz warmed up the crowd. Hip-hop talent Blu Samu eagerly took over from him. With her charisma, she made the young audience eat out of her hand:

 ”I didn’t know Blu Samu before, but with her music and energy she drew me to the stage. She is so atypical. I had to see her up close.” Or: “We only knew her from Instagram and hadn’t seen her perform yet, but wow, this is what is called an artist with balls.”


The stars of the evening were undoubtedly Swing, Primero and Loxley of L’Or Du Commun, who caused a new adrenaline rush. We are from Brussels. Brussels is in our genes,” they addressed their fellow citizens. Can you stand still when these 3 guys jump on every corner of the stage? They passionately rapped ‘il n’y a pas assez d’amour entre nous’ (there’s nog enough love between us), thereby proclaiming to reinforce the ties between people and underlining the message of the academic opening.


On the swinging beats of DJ Fox Adam and under a starry sky, people went into the night and returned home. Do you wonder as well if VUB and ULB people dream as freely as they think?

The party after the academic opening. Photography: L'Or Du Commun.

Singer Blu Samu.