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At the closing reception of “Redelijk Ongeregeld 3.0” on September 21st, a brand new award ceremony will be launched. A number of students will be honoured with an Engagement Award for their endeavours and hard work for their fellow students. We hereby invite you to nominate at least one for this prize by filling out the form at the bottom of this article.


If you enjoyed the African Liberation week a lot, or the Hunter Games, or reading the English texts in the Moeial, or the VUB Students Conference or … than nominate the person or the student association that organised it. Even if you don’t know their names you can simply mention the event. And add some motivation for your nomination. Could be leadership e.g., or someone behind the scenes, engagement for connecting Brussels or world citizenship, ecology, building bridges …


A jury that includes students will then select the most impressive engagements. The laureates will receive a certificate and a lithograph of the red Thinker by the artist Willy Vandendorpe. 


Redelijk Ongeregeld 3.0 is a congress especially for engaged students. All active students are welcome to participate in workshops, attend lectures and so on about organizing the student’s life besides studying. Focused on the concrete VUB environment, but mostly in Duch.


Yet, there are three sessions planned where English will be spoken. In the morning student representatives will explain how to participate effectively in study programme committees. In the afternoon one hour will be dedicated to culture, sports and leisure activities and how to communicate about them. That will be followed by an English spoken comedy act by Jovanka Steele. And of course, at the closing reception the award ceremony will be bilingual.


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