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The Flemish rectors have decided unanimously and effective immediately to suspend all new forms of academic collaboration with Iranian knowledge institutions. They demand the Iranian government to provide verifiable guarantees that the fundamental human rights of dr Djalali are respected. These include the right to a fair trial and the necessary medical care.


As long as the Iranian government does not comply with these demands, Flemish universities will no longer agree to new institutional cooperation agreements with Iranian partners. Herman Van Goethem, chairman of the Flemish Interuniversity Council (VLIR): “The Flemish rectors call on the Iranian government to respect the fundamental human rights of dr Djalali. The right to a fair trial and the right to necessary medical care are absolute preconditions before Flemish universities can reconsider entering into new collaboration with Iranian institutions.”


The Flemish Interuniversity Council expresses its appreciation for the diplomatic efforts of the federal and Flemish governments to reach a satisfying solution in the Djalali case and calls on both governments to continue these efforts vigorously.


Koen Verlaeckt, secretary-general of VLIR: “Human rights are a fundamental guiding principle in the foreign policy of the Flemish government. The Flemish Interuniversity Council wishes to thank the Flemish government and the Flemish parliament for their efforts and calls on them to continue to use all means possible in reaching a satisfactory solution in the Djalali case.”