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The Go Abroad Fair - 17 October 2018 - 10:00-16:00 at the Study Guidance centre + Go Abroad Info Sessions in D2.01


Did you know that you can go abroad for your studies, internships and volunteer work?

The Go Abroad Fair will feature 20 stands from a variety of organisations who can help you out further in terms of what, where, how and why. Although the why isn’t that hard! There are only good things to going abroad, and you don’t need to take our word for it. We have numbers (you’ve got to love statistics!) from the European Commission that show you why spending time abroad is good for your professional career. Did you know that people who spend time abroad,

  • double their chances of employment a year after their graduation
  • 1/3 of Erasmus+ trainees are offered jobs in the company they have worked
  • Erasmus+ alumni find their first job faster and tend to earn 25% more
  • ¾ of employers say volunteering is a + for job seekers *

But is isn’t just about you as a future employee. Going abroad will help you grow as a person:

  • It’ll allow you create a more international mindset
  • You’ll develop a global network of friends
  • You’ll see the world while studying, doing volunteer work or an internship
  • It’ll increase your self-confidence and improve your language skills, become more resilient to change, discover new cultures, become more open-minded and more creative.…


And let’s be honest: it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and what better way to embark on this exciting international experience than with the help and support from your home university! And in a time where globalisation is increasing still, it is the right thing to do for yourself, and your career!


There are loads of destinations to pick from. You can check already via your exchange coordinator at your faculty, or you can chat with the VUB International Relations team on (or find them at the IRMO stand at the Go Abroad Fair!) – they can help you out, answer all your questions and explain the procedure. You can find some more information on the student portal as well.


Still not sure? Then have a look at some testimonials from Loreno and Ruben – they went abroad, so find out what they thought of the experience.


So, why not set yourself a new challenge this academic year, and go abroad!

Come to the Go Abroad Fair and the Info Sessions to discover what’s on offer and how to go about it all!

*source: Agence Erasmus+ 2010, European Commission  2014 & 2015