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As in any truly international environment, like our university, cultural diversity manifests itself best outside lecture theatres or work places. It enters the realm of sport, for example. And playing sport is always fun but what is even better is learning many of the different games that people play around the world, games we do not even know exist. 



The International Games is an initiative of the International Students Platform of the VUB (ISP) who themselves represent diverse parts of the globe. It is a first time event of its kind on campus Etterbeek where everyone is invited to join, have fun and burn some energy while discovering the world through sport.


Why choose ‘international games’?
“The VUB has quite a diverse student population, why should we not cherish this and put it in the spotlight?”, says Krishan Harkhoe, chairman of the ISP.


Motivated by this thought, the ISP has ventured out to organise their first public event. Open to everyone, and especially the student population, it is aimed to be a kind of cultural ‘ice breaker’. Several games from all over the world will be organised in a fun and interactive way and there are prizes for the most sportive players. Such games include Kubb (also known as Viking chess), Tuho (Korea), Boomerang (Australia), Hoop rolling (China), Gili danda (India), Storytelling (Africa).



The ‘International Games’ will be held on Tuesday 9 May 2017 at the football pitch on Campus Etterbeek. The event starts at 10:00 and goes until 16:00. No registration is needed and students can join at any time. More information.


Have you always wanted to explore the world? Come and explore it on your own campus.