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During the winter holiday and study weeks, many students abandon their student houses to return to their family. Some houses end up being deserted for a few weeks. Students that don’t like to be faced with surprises upon their return, should make sure to leave their room in a safe manner.


A water leak, fire or unexpected visitors? Better safe than sorry. Look at the tips below to ensure the safety of your student room.


  1. Unwanted fires and water leaks


An accident can happen before you know it, especially if there’s no one around to spot a fire hazard or water leak in an early stage. Make sure to unplug all of your electronic devices, to lower the heating to the minimum and check that there are no leaky faucets and that you’ve turned off all cooking devices.  This small effort can reduce the chances of any accidents happening while you’re gone.


  1. Unexpected visitors


Dirty plates and full binbags that are left unattended for a few weeks can attract unexpected visitors. Clean the (common) room before leaving and check the due date of food in the fridge. That way you’re not only preventing a family of mice from eating your leftovers, but you can also start the new year with a clean slate.


  1. Give thieves no opportunity to steal from you


Not closing a door properly or leaving a laptop in sight: sometimes the smallest temptations can be enough for you to lose some of your valuables. Make sure to check if you’ve closed all your windows and doors before leaving, and if you’ve put away everything of value.


Are you spending the holidays on campus? Keep an eye out and let security know if you spot any suspicious activity.