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The older amongst us know what to expect when they go to a lounge: ‘muzak’ or, with any luck, soft jazzy tunes, lukewarm cocktails or bad champagne, glossy magazines in which no letter is worth reading, stale peanuts and the odd, lost, walk in backpacker. With any luck, there might be an adjacent closed-in space where smoking is allowed, there is wifi and somewhat better whiskeys are served. The desolation of Edward Hopper life quoi.



None of this is true about the Lounges 1050 and 1090. Lounge 1050 is already completely booked out for the first two weeks of the second semester. Those wanting to organise a meeting or event can do so online


All events are public and therefore freely accessible. And have a guaranteed “non-preppy” look, pretty quirky yet civilized. In other words, no naked people or drunken girls, nor out of key singing. For the current schedule of the Lounge 1050 and Lounge 1090, please consult MY.VUB.