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The coming of spring traditionally brings the ‘Week of the Enlightenment’. This activity week from 20 to 24 March, organised by VUB students, offers a varied programme on the core values of our university. This year’s theme deals with ‘frontiers’ in many perspectives. The closing night features the so-called Club of Rome, a European think tank of political leaders, economists, scientists, diplomats and businessmen. This English-spoken activity warmly welcomes the international VUB community to join the debate.


“The Week of the Enlightenment is all about the VUB way of life: critical thinking, curiosity and being open minded.”, explains Laura Berthoud of student organisation Vrij Onderzoek. “We critically approach the central theme from several angles, with humour and self-relativizing eyes. This year we put a question mark behind the boundaries of freedom. We use several ways of expression to explore the topic: speech, humour and art.” 


You may encounter several activities on campus from 20 March onwards, but on Friday 24 March the Week of the Enlightenment especially invites an international audience. The Club of Rome, a think tank of notable leaders in several areas, holds a lecture about economic growth boundaries from the limitations of our planet’s natural resources. Afterwards, there will be a public debate and a reception for informal exchange of thoughts and opinions. The organising student bodies Vrij Onderzoek and Brussels Studenten Genootschap hope to meet as many (international) students as possible.


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