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The makeover of the VUB colours and logo has reached our student sports teams. The official launch won’t be for another few weeks, but we couldn’t resist giving you a sneak preview.

De nieuwe huisstijl heeft ook onze studentensportteams bereikt. De officiële lancering zal pas binnen een aantal weken zijn, maar wij lichten hier toch al een tipje van de sluier op.

From now on our players will enter the game in orange, white and blue. Each discipline will get a different outfit, but all of them with the same look and feel. To finish it off the teams will compete using a new name: the VUB Foxes.

The VUB Foxes will defend our university’s honours during the Flemish and Belgian student championships. This year they’ll compete in Rugby 7, basketball, football and volleyball.

A few students share why they joined the VUB Foxes and what they like about it.

Hendrik Van Bastelaere (captain – 1st left) is a third-year bachelor student in the physical education programme and has played rugby since he was 15. Even though he is originally from Leuven, he chose to study in Brussels. Since we didn’t have a rugby team yet he decided to (co)found one himself. The combination of competition on the field and friendship next to it, is what makes this sport so perfect for him. 

Jolan Witters (2nd left) is a master student in the applied economics programme and is a member of the VUB team since his first bachelor year. For him the competitions between the institutions are the most fun. He is certain that the new outfits will improve team spirit even more. 

Annelies Van Loock (middle) is doing the specific teachers programme and joined the VUB indoor soccer team seven years ago. Next to this she also plays regular soccer. A few years ago, the team won the Flemish student championships. For her the best part, still is winning a game.

Martijn Verspecht (far right) is a master student psychology. He started playing volleyball when he was six and joined the VUB team in his first bachelor year. What he likes best about the VUB Foxes is the team spirit and the great atmosphere in the team.

Are you interested in joining one of the teams and defend VUB’s honours? Don’t hesitate to contact

Do you want the see the VUB Foxes play? Don’t hesitate to join them at Sportival in Mechelen on the 21st of March 2018.