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Musical group VUBPlayers is ready for the new academic year. After three successful productions – Spring Awakening (2013), Rent (2014) and The Wild Party (2015) – they will now perform a Harry Potter musical. They are currently looking for cast and crew. Students, alumni, staff and other people who are interested should contact the VUBplayers or participate in the open rehearsals on 23 and 26 October.


The VUB has a lot more to offer than solely traditional student activities. Cultural organisations make up an important part of student’s life as well. The musical group VUBPlayers is one of them. Every year they try to put a production together under the guidance of a director, vocal and dance coach and conductor.


Every week the cast members get together for dance, theatre and singing rehearsals. During the second semester, they are regularly joined by the musicians, whom first practice their pieces separately.


Behind the scenes, the crew makes sure that everything is ready in time for the big moment. While those responsible for props gather and build the necessary attributes to bring the story to life, the make-up and costume designers make sure that the cast members live and breathe their characters by giving them the right looks.


The VUBPlayers are proud of their diverse members. The musical group doesn’t only attract people from all kinds of programmes, but also has a healthy mix between Flemish and international students. From a Mexican cast member, to an American founder and a German drummer, everyone is welcome to join the VUBPlayers and contribute to their production.


The musical group has brought three productions to campus - Spring Awakening in 2013, Rent in 2014 and The Wild Party in 2015 – and a musical intermezzo during the graduation ceremony of the faculty of Arts and Philosophy in 2016.


This academic year they’ve decided to perform a Harry Potter musical. People that are interested, even those that aren’t connected to the VUB, can participate in the open rehearsals at 23 and 26 October or contact the VUBPlayers.