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From 5 February 2018 the first exam period of this academic year is officially over. At last, course-free week! Our VUB students will be able to recharge their batteries during a well-deserved vacation. But before they ban the exams to a distant corner of their brain, Study Guidance provides them with an overview of the practical information for the post-exam period.


Exam results


After the exams you are of course very curious about your grades. From the end of the exam period the results will be entered by the faculties into the Student Selfservice. At the latest on Monday 12 February you will receive an official e-mail to confirm your grades. This manual will help you find your exam results in the Student Selfservice.


If you failed an exam, you can retake it during the second examination period in August and September. You are automatically registered for the second examination(s), but please check whether you need to register for a specific exam moment.


Did you know that students who fail courses in their first bachelor year, might still pass? More information on deliberation regulations >>>




Reflecting upon your exams is at least as important for your future study path, as your grades. If your exam results don’t match your expectations, it’s useful to ask yourself ‘Why?’. After all, being able to assess your own capabilities is quite valuable during your studies.


Once you’ve received your grades, you can contact your professors and assistants for feedback on your exams. The organization of this feedback meeting is determined by each faculty in the additional faculty regulations


Of course you can’t negotiate your results, but feedback on your exams might help to understand why you obtained certain grades. Seize this opportunity to learn from your mistakes in order to improve your exam skills before the second examination period.


Study guidance after the exam period


Study Guidance also offers help and advice after the exam period. If you still have questions about your study program, your wellbeing, your study method, … you can always contact the study advisors. All information on Study Guidance >>>


Furthermore, the study advisors will contact students who obtained less than 60% of their credits from the first semester. They will receive an invitation via e-mail to discuss their study progress.


Ready for the second semester


Make sure you’ve registered all your courses from the second semester. The deadline for course registration in the second semester is 28 February.


Enjoy the course-free week!