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VUB Prof Jan Steyaert is one of the 1% scientists in the world whose papers are most frequently cited in the sector of Biology and Biochemistry, according to Web of Science’s international Highly Cited Researchers 2019.


Professor Jan Steyaert leads the research group Structural Biology Brussels (SBB) at Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Researchers of SBB specialise in the structure of proteins and DNA from molecular to atomic level. By determining the position of atoms in a macromolecule, they can determine how these molecules can act as small machines, and how they interact with each other. The ultimate goal of this research is to unravel the complex machinery that makes cells work.  Their fundamental research in biology and biochemistry also leads to important industrial and biomedical applications.



Web of Science

Since 2002, Web of Science annually publishes a list of scientists who have the most influence in their field of expertise. According to Web of Science, the researchers on the list have distinguished themselves by publishing a large number of papers that are among the top 1% of the most cited works. The consistent production of frequently cited reports indicates that their work is considered of remarkable significance and importance by their colleagues and peers.