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Since the start of the academic year the VUBtiek bookshop was rebranded as part of the Standaard Bookstore chain. Bearing the name of ‘Standaard Student Shop’ they are responsible for all the students’ course materials and text books. The first part of the online store service venture is now underway, making it faster and simpler for students to get all they need for their course.


From now on students of the faculties of Medicine and Pharmacy, Physical Education and Physiotherapy, and Engineering can purchase their books online. They can choose to collect the books in person or have them delivered at home. Books can be picked up from both the Brussels Health, and Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering campuses, as well as at every Standaard bookstore.


After a short test phase at the start of the academic year it was decided to run a second, longer test period but with a relatively smaller group of students. The disciplines chosen for this training period were no coincidence: students who have either few or no contact classes at the Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus where the Standaard bookstore is located would particularly appreciate having their course materials delivered directly to them.  


Next step
After the second test run is complete, it is foreseen that the online shop is made available to all students of the university, starting from the next academic year. This way, they will no longer be forced to stand in long queues and shuttle other students unnecessarily with their heavy book loads. 


Standaard Student Shop
In addition to an online store, the introduction of the Standaard bookstore on campus has brought with it some other changes and improvements. For example, students can now also buy ‘normal’ books, CD’s, pens and stationary. The shop also now has longer opening hours than before.


All practical info is available on MY.VUB