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Informal and anecdotal research shows that at least 91% of students chose as a New Year’s resolution to work out more and be fitter. However, unlike other, somewhat more unrealistic promises (read: ‘become stinking rich’ or ‘find true love via Tinder’) this resolution can in fact become a perfect reality thanks to the UAB Sportmix super deal.

As of Monday 13 February 2017 the Sportmix super deal kicks off, offering once again: another 13 weeks of sport and fitness fun in 27 (!) different sports. On the website of the UAB Sport students and staff can catch a glimpse of the massive offer of different sporting activities which they can try out up until 26 May 2017.


How to get the deal?
Not much is needed, actually. Although students and staff should definitely hold a preloaded sports card* with a sportknip. In addition, as the UAB cares about the health and well-being of its patrons, they are offering the sportknip at half price (11,25 instead of 22,50 euro) during the month of February which is more than a modest weekly saving. Still time, therefore, for a new start. More information on the Sportmix can be found here.


*A sports card costs 7.5 euro and is valid for 5 years