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Up until the end of the last academic year, it was a challenge for both new and more established VUB students to find answers to simple yet common, practical concerns, ranging from what you can and cannot do on campus, to reserving a conference room, or how to fund your brilliant new student initiative, etc… These times are now definitely over. The Student Life Codex can now be regarded as the source of all knowledge. Whether paying tribute to the Codices of Songs, or inspired by the codification of the various decrees in the Codex of Higher Education – either way, it had to be done.


Certainly not an easy task for the active enthusiasts who undertook the mammoth task of editing, re-writing and erasing existing regulations, statutes and prohibitions relating to all aspects of university student life, and which were found in the numerous piles and bundles of current BSG regulations and stacks of hidden information. It took little more than 26 clicks to bury information students found to be obsolete and dated. An initiative of the Brussels Student Society ‘No language, no freedom’, (the ‘BSG’), this process of bundling up of rules and regulations started to unfold in 2014.


Conflicting provisions and repetitive content were first to go. The Student Council then went on to relax the subsidy system and to create campus lounges and a multifunctional space at the disposal of students and their needs. The latter was also something in which the Society for Free Inquiry was closely involved. The project began to take shape in final cooperation with the Student Relations office including the three main chapters which were made easily accessible through the table of contents. What started off as work of more than 100 pages was finally reduced to roughly 39.


After a successful adoption of the first version last October, a second version of the Student Life Codex soon followed in December. No doubt that the rapidly evolving campus environment and creative vision of Student Council members will result in more changes to be made over the next few months, however, the Codex can already be consulted on MY.VUB.