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From the first exam period to writing your master thesis, at the VUB, you’re not on your own. A professional team of study advisors, learning path counselors and student psychologists are there every day to help students during each phase of their study path. Now that the academic year has been launched, students can register again for a series of interesting Study Guidance workshops.




Van de eerste examenperiode tot het schrijven van je masterproef, aan de VUB staan studenten er niet alleen voor. Een professioneel team van studiebegeleiders, studietrajectbegeleiders en studentenpsychologen staat dagelijks klaar om studenten te helpen tijdens elke periode van hun studieloopbaan. Nu het academiejaar ingezet is, kunnen studenten zich opnieuw inschrijven voor een hele reeks interessante workshops van de Studiebegeleiding.

During these group sessions students get helpful tips and tricks. Furthermore, students are encouraged to share their experiences, which makes the workshops perfect learning opportunities for everyone. Each semester, relevant subjects are added to answer to the different needs of students. For example, right before exam periods workshops on preparing for and taking exams are planned. Evening sessions are organized as well. In short, there is a fitting workshop for every student in every phase of his or her learning path.


Workshops for every phase of your study path

When you’re starting your first academic year, you might be looking for the perfect study method. This isn’t always as easy as it seems. The workshops that are organized by the VUB Study Guidance can help you improve your study skills and master your learning material. There are also sessions on ‘Academic English’, which are very useful for writing an academic paper. The workshops on planning for exams can help you a lot at the start of the study periods.  On top of that there are also workshops filled with tips and tricks on coping with exam stress and anxiety. 


The final hurdle before graduation is the writing of a bachelor or master’s thesis. There are workshops organized for each phase of the research process. The first ones help you with the search for a subject for your thesis. In following sessions, the different steps of the research process will be explained. Finally, you can get tips and tricks for writing your thesis. 


A broad set of workshops

You can find an overview of the workshops on the student portal They are free for VUB students, but registration is mandatory. You can register online on the student portal.