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From Thursday, 28 June, members of certain railway unions are holding a 48-hour train strike. Possible delays to work or exams can’t be ruled out. VUB is advising everyone to take the necessary precautions so they avoid any surprises. 


First, the good news: no general strike has been called, and some actions have already been cancelled. The impact of possible strike action should be limited, but in the case of exams, it’s better to be prepared.


To avoid extra stress caused by potential delays, follow these tips:

  1. Plan to take an earlier train to the exam hall and remember the group study spots:
  2. Consult the NMBS app or website before you leave.
  3. Carpooling can be a good plan B. Use our Facebook commuter group (link?) or look for a lift using the #VUBhelpt hashtag
  4. Rent a room (short stay) at U-Residence. It is 75 euro for 1 person and 100 for 2. The VUB provides vouchers of 15 euro (because of the strike). Request one by e-mail:


Good luck!