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The Vrije Universiteit Brussel strongly believes in the power of working across disciplines, connecting with the outside world and bridging differences. The world’s most groundbreaking innovations happen when different points of view, backgrounds or disciplines come together. At the first ever edition of SuperNova, a one-of-a-kind event where visionary solutions, technologies and insights come together, the VUB will showcase how this mindset enables exciting advances in some of the most hyped technologies of the moment.


Read here the report of VUB TechTransfer: The aftermatch of SuperNova 2018

Where, when, for whom?
The SuperNova summit takes place at the Eilandje in Antwerp (Waagnatie, MAS, Felix Pakhuis) and invites all professionals, entrepreneurs, creatives, researchers, innovators and investors to squeeze time and embrace tomorrow. Professionals are welcome on September 27 and 28. During the weekend (29-30 Sept) the SuperNova Festival is free and open to anyone who is inspired & curious. More info here.


So, do not miss the VUB at SuperNova from 27 till 30 September 2018! Come find us at:

  • the TTO Flanders booth of the 5 Flemish universities with B-PHOT, the Brussels Photonics group and VUB Electronics & Informatics.
  • the VUB booth with BruBotics, VUB AI Lab and B-PHOT
  • Prof. Bram Vanderborght’s talk at the Conference
  • the BruBotics & Axiles Bionics bionic prostheses demo at SuperNova Expedition (only during the weekend)


BruBotics, the Brussels Human Robotics Research Center, will show what is possible when humans and robots start to collaborate and how different fields of science are needed to create a positive robotic future in healthcare, industry and at home.


B-PHOT, the Brussels Photonics Research group, will take you on a photonics journey showing how smart applications of the technology of light can be game-changing in a very broad range of domains, from 3D printing of organs to strawberry harvesting and freeform optics for car displays.


The VUB AI Lab, the first AI lab on continental Europe, will submerse you into the fascinating study of Artificial Intelligence to show how studying human intelligence leads to artificial intelligence and how artificial intelligence helps us understand human intelligence.


VUB ETRO, Electronics & Informatics, will showcase how the HoloLens through extending both image stabilization and data visualization allows surgeons to directly visualize data inside the patient and how it helps medical professionals to grasp the future.