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On Wednesday 28 November, the University Centre for Development Cooperation (UCOS) is organising a seminar and debate in the Brussels temple of culture BOZAR on entrepreneurship in Africa. This time, the speakers are business leaders rather than the usual supsects for an event like this. “Our development aid models turned out to be incomplete,” says Frank Verstraeten, coordinator of UCOS. “Looking back, it is clear that investment and entrepreneurship are important drivers of change as well. With the seminar we want to give the floor to people who argue for it.”


Africa is now hot for big business. In countries such as Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria, a new generation of very talented people is rising up.  As recent as a couple of weeks ago, UK Prime minister Theresa May, on a visit through Africa, promoted British investments and joint ventures. Prior to that, China invited all African heads of state to Beijing to further promote their investments in the continent.


One should ask, who really benefits? Furthermore, what is Europe’s policy in this regard? What kind of entrepreneurship is sustainable? “The new vision on development is a win-win for all parties. With the current geopolitical reality, we have to be careful that Europe does not allow itself to be taken for a ride,” says Verstraeten. “In the Matonge district of Brussels, too, hundreds of Belgian Africans are eager to do business. But where are the economics and business students in this story? We want to awaken young, enterprising people from here to the opportunities that lie ahead in Africa. Provided that social implications are taken into account, a nice story can be written. The great interest in Wednesday’s seminar is a good start.”


Entrepreneurship in Africa: who really profits? 
Seminar and debate – Wednesday 28 November – BOZAR 
Organised by UCOS,  supported by Afropreneur Belgium.





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