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All over the world, scientists are searching for ways to save the planet from global warming. The English newspaper The Telegraph made a list of 10 of the craziest ideas they came up with. Surprise: creating plankton booms to make oceans absorb more carbon dioxide is one of these – an idea that has professor Willy Baeyens and VUB Analytical, Environmental & Geo-Chemistry research team involved…


8 crazy ideas to fight Global Warming, from The Telegraph:

  • Wrapping Greenland in a blanket
  • Make plankton bloom
  • Place a giant screen between sun and earth
  • Dropping seedlings from the sky
  • Building floating wind turbines
  • Forming clouds by sending salt into the atmosphere
  • Using satellites to send the sun’s energy to earth as microwaves
  • Filtering the air and store the captures carbon dioxide underground.