U bent hier

Ahmadreza Djalali, de Iraanse gastdocent aan de VUB die ter dood werd veroordeeld, schrijft een brief aan iedereen die hem de afgelopen maanden heeft gesteund. De veroordeelde professor ziet zijn gezondheid steeds meer achteruitgaan en dat is te wijten aan de medische zorgen die hem geweigerd wordt. Niettegenstaande hij nog steeds vast zit, koestert hij nog steeds hoop om terug te keren naar zijn normale leven. Hij roept op om hem te blijven steunen in dit proces. Zijn brief nemen we hieronder integraal over.


To the noble prize winners, professors, scientists, researchers, lecturers, students, my colleagues from UPO, VUB and KI, physicians and all academicians who have supported me.


Greeting, I, Ahmadreza Djalali, would like to thank you all for having supported me and my family during the past 2 years. While I have been stuck in an intelligence-political game handled by the ministry of intelligence of Iran. At the beginning of this story, and also during the staged trial (developed in fall 2017), they showed many baseless and fabricated allegations against me to sacrifice an innocent academician for their our aims and gains. But, they are going to loose these inhuman aims with the help international efforts and also my defensive documents and evidences, which clearly reject their claims.


There are no physical documents or evidences against me. I have never confessed for acting against the national security of Iran, neither being a spy for Israel or transferring the information of the assassinated nuclear scientists. All claims about my confessions are lies, and that is the reason why they had to add a narrative voice on the movie broadcasted against me some months ago. Within the past 2 years, I have spent the most difficult times in the prison of Evin. I have been under psychological and physical torture and harming. I have lost about 15 kg over the last 6 months, and suffer from plenty of health problems, but have yet not received any medical services. Therefore, I am now in very high risk of sudden death. Furthermore, the death sentence is like a continuous psychological torture for me.


The international support conducted by you all and academic entities have been very effective in intercepting the violent actions against me. Besides, the support has helped me keep my hope of being released. However, the problem has not yet been solved. Therefore I sincerely request you and all academicians around the world to continue your strong support for me. Please, ask Iranian officials to cancel the death sentence immediately, and free me after 2 years of unfair detention in the notorious prison of Evin.


I am looking forward to the day I return to my normal life and continue my scientific research and humanitarian activities again.


Thank you so much in advance.


Sincerely yours,

Ahmadreza Djalali.