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In November 2016, after a month filled with intensive trainings, the VUBMUN team went to Oxford to participate in their first ‘Model United Nations’ (MUN). In March 2017, they went to London and represented the U.S.A. in their second MUN. In this article, they look back with pride on their London experience and forward to their next MUN in Montreal. Follow them on Instagram (@VUBrussel) from March 12th until March 17th.


Last week we returned from London International Model United Nations (LIMUN) 2017.

Apart from our permanent team, which exists out of ten members and three board members, we also took 16 unexperienced VUB-students and 3 Faculty Advisers (experienced old-members) with us to this conference.

The 16 so called ‘newbies’ were selected after an open call for participants in December, and they all participated in training provided to them by the Board and the Faculty Advisers.

Most of us had the honor of representing the U.S.A., which provided quite the challenge for our members, both old and new, especially considering the many changes in policy this country has now been seeing.

VUBMUN was represented in nearly all committees, from UN Women and WHO to the Security Council and even in the special Crisis Committees, which are small high-level simulations of real life crisis situations.

Apart from the great committee sessions, LIMUN is also known for its amazing social events at night. On Friday we attended ‘Wonderland’ in a London Club, and on Saturday we were honored to be present at a Ball in De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms.

This conference wasn’t one without challenges, as a big part of our group got infected by a contagious virus that made them pretty sick for a day… But still, we persevered! We even managed to get nominated for ‘best large delegation’, which is a great honor considering the fact that the biggest part of our team were first timers!

LIMUN decided to give a third less awards this year, which made the competition even fiercer. However, we still managed to return with three awards and four verbal commendations!

We’re very proud of everyone in our team, both permanent and new. They all put their best self forward and they performed extraordinarily well! We’re looking forward to seeing them all again on our future events and in other conferences. 

Now we’re getting ready for our next challenge: Harvard WorldMUN 2017 in Montreal! The team will leave on Thursday to represent the VUB at this conference, which is the largest of its kind in the world!


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