U bent hier

After consultation with the government VUB has decided to resume all classes and events as of Wednesday November 25th on all campusses.

Even though terror level 4 remains in effect for the Brussels region, all schools and universities, public transport and other sectors will resume normal service.The federal and local governments will deploy extra manpower to maximally guarantee security. Security forces will patrol both on and around our campuses. VUB will also increase the number of own security staff.



Terror level 4 is upheld, so heightened vigilance is required. Therefore the university has implemented the following measures:

1.    All staff members will be asked to store the emergency and security contact numbers in their cell phones. 
2.    We urge everyone to remain vigilant and to report suspicious matters to campus security
3.    License plate recognition on campus Etterbeek will remain active. On campus Jette the existing admission procedures remain in effect. 
4.    A reduced number of entrances to campus buildings will be opened. More information will be posted on the respective entry points. 
5.    Campus security will increase its surveillance rounds on campus, including around the student dormitories.


Rector Paul De Knop: “We must not let fear guide or impair us. Dealing with fear and attempting to come to grasp with recent events, is the best way forward. Together we can do this.”


If you have questions or concerns about the circumstances, call 02 629 20 10.  We will continue to keep you updated on VUBtoday.be