U bent hier

VUB is reopening gradually. Yesterday (Wednesday), the university asked all its staff members to come back to campus and no longer work from home. Classes will remain cancelled, as most resident students have gone back home. 


Earlier, the VUB opted for a full closure until the end of the week, after numerous buildings were evacuated on police orders and a threat was imminent on Tuesday afternoon, with the police barracks as a potential target. The situation has however changed since then. There is no longer a specific threat near our campuses and public transport is – barring a few lines – operational again.

Our campuses and its buildings are accessible again, security measures coupled with terror alert 4 will however be in effect. Specifically this means that the number of entry points to buildings is limited, more security personnel will patrol campuses and everyone will be asked to identify themselves by wearing their student- or staff-ID cards visibly. If you do not have that ID card available you can get a copy through Information Hub of the HR-department. Lanyards to wear the IDs with will also be available there as of tomorrow. 
As an employer, the university will be flexible towards staff members that have made other arrangements in the meantime.

External parties will need to contact their partners within the university to get up to date information of the situation.
Most events on campus will be cancelled. The university asks organisers of events that will take place to take all possible precautionary measures with terror level 4 in effect.