U bent hier

Student, employee and singer. David blew away two members of the jury with his performance in the first round of “The Voice van Vlaanderen” Tonight he will sing a battle to get to the next step: the liveshow. For those interested in seeing this smiling soul singer perform: tune in tonight to VTM at 21h35. 



Lone wolf

“Noone knew I signed up. Sometimes I was absent at work because I was busy with the preliminary rounds, for which I used my vacation days. Three auditions later I got an email saying I was selected for the blind audition! I was as happy as ever! I refrained myself though, I didn’t want anyone knowing about this. It was something I wanted to do for myself. I wanted to be my own biggest chearleader for once. 


The night I passed the blind audition no less than 4 friends called me. All of them noticed I was a tad too happy, so I couldn’t keep the news to myself anymore. They were overjoyed and at the same time really dissapainted I didn’t ask for their support, so they demanded to be there for me the next time. At that time I hadn’t filled my family in yet.”



David zingt 'A song for you' | Blind Audition | The Voice van Vlaanderen | VTM

David zingt A song for you @ The Voice van Vlaanderen

The singing life

“I try to drink a lot of tea and hot or warm water. Sports are also favorable. Furthermore I try to sleep at least 7 hours a night. With my different jobs and university responsabilities this obviously doesn’t work out the whole time - thanks VUB (laughs). I also try not to yell and to practise my daily vocal exercises.


Free University Brussels (VUB)

“I’m finishing my Master’s Degree in Interpreting and I also work at the Student Administration Center, both at VUB. I also moonlight by translating. My collegues will surely corroborate my role as the singing eployee (laughs)! I’m usually the person that starts singing and makes the whole group sing together. Only at the VUB of course!