U bent hier

With this project Felipe Reinoso Carvalho (ETRO-VUB), Peter Passos and Elien Haentjens want to revitalize the neighborhood of Sablon, by bringing together creative people from the most different fields: musicians, chocolatiers and scientists. Together, they’ll develop an innovative experience which is based on research that explores the influence that music can have on taste.


Make.Brussels is a campaign inspiring the public to come up with a creative project for the city. The goal is to boost the economy and strengthen the identity of the centre of Brussels. 10 projects were chosen and given the green light for realization. PhD student Felipe Reinoso Carvalho and his project are among the lucky few, they get 30.000 euro to realize “The Sound of Chocolate”.


Chocolate music box 

This exercise will result in a chocolate box with music from Brussels talents, which will be sold at the chocolate shops. “Our goal is to give visitors an innovative and more artistic way to experience chocolate while visiting Sablon and Brussels. They will be able to enjoy this sound-chocolate experience at the shop, or to acquire the box and do it at home, or simply to give this box as an authentic, original present from Brussels”. 

“To promote this new experience, we will organise different kinds of events, such as a big chocolate party, more intimate concerts with the participating musicians, a tasting trail around Sablon, and other tasting experiences at the galleries. In the long term, we also want to broaden our focus exploring other types of food and beverages, and to work with arts, which have a special relation with all of our senses. By doing this, we want to make people aware of the relationship between their senses, and put Sablon in the map, as a place for creativity and innovation.”

More information can be found here.