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When will the results of the exams be available online in the Self Service Students? And when will the results be final? How do you know whether you will be entitled to deliberations for a subject? Or are you expected to take the exam again in a second session? You are not the only student with these questions. That is why we announce the results at the end of the first exam period. 

Award ceremony


As a student, you can regularly log in to the ‘Self Service Studenten’ to check whether results are already available. Kelly Van Hoorebeeck: “The preliminary results become final on the day of the award ceremony. The award ceremony is the time at which the exam results are confirmed by the Board of Assessors and publicly-disclosed. That is when they become official.”




“The results are only official and therefore final after the award ceremony.”
Kelly Van Hoorebeeck


The date of the award ceremony is not the same for all faculties. The very last award ceremony will take place on Friday 1 July. All exam results will be available online at the very latest on Saturday 2 July. It is very important that errors in marks are reported to the faculty secretariat as soon as possible.


The grade sheet and deliberations


Students with a diploma contract can download their grade sheet from the Self Service Studenten after the award ceremony. The award code in the top left corner of the grade sheet tells you whether you passed.



“Every year, students register for the retake of a subject even though they have passed”.


The subjects and the results obtained are listed below the award code. If a grade is deliberated, then “insufficient” is marked next to the result. You are expected to take a second exam all subjects for which you received an insufficient grade.


It is important to check on the grade sheet whether you successfully passed in terms of overall grades. “A student can still pass first-year subjects despite one or two insufficient grades. Every year, students report for the retake of a subject even though they have passed”, says Kelly Van Hoorebeeck, who works as a Study Counsellor at the Study Guidance Centre.


Please note. Only students with a diploma contract receive a grade sheet. All other students do not. Guest students receive their results through their home institution. Students with a credit contract or an exam contract can only consult their results in the Self Service Studenten.


Right of inspection and feedback


You have a right of inspection for five days after the award ceremony. Kelly Van Hoorebeeck: “The Study Guidance Centre advises students to make use of their right of inspection. Students with disappointing results can inspect their exams and request feedback from the lecturer or assistants. They often make model answers available and provide explanations. For students who were mistakenly under the impression that they had passed, this is very instructive: it shows the extent to which the lecturer’s expectations were different from the answer provided by the student. This enables the student to start working towards the second session, because the second exam will always be roughly similar.“


“Use your right of inspection and ask for feedback from your lecturer.”

The dates on which the inspection moments take place can be requested from the faculty secretariat. Most faculties also publish the dates on the MY.VUB student portal and/or send out an e-mail on the day of the award ceremony.




“Disappointing results? Take a minute to think about your choice of studies.”

Rethinking the choice of studies


“Students are always welcome at the Study Guidance Centre when their results are disappointing. They sometime ask for help in planning for the second session. The exam results also offer an opportunity to reflect on the choice of studies. The student can think about whether or not they wish to pursue that particular avenue of study. Everyone can take part in the second session, but if the student intends to switch to another study programme in the next year, they have to think about it now. This prevents them taking the decision under time pressure in September. “

Find out how to check your grade sheet at MY.VUB.