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In 1995 VUB was a pioneer in bringing business management and (technology) entrepreneurship to researchers through the Starter Seminars. This year the university will register more than 1000 participants since their beginning.



The original purpose of the Starter Seminars was to create more awareness of entrepreneurship with doctoral and master students as well as researchers and young professionals. Since then the seminars have evolved towards giving an intensive introduction in entrepreneurship.


From starter to advanced starter
The starter seminars provide introductory courses. A variety of topics is covered such as developing a business plan, finance, marketing, the complex issues surrounding patenting,… . In 2014, due to high interest, a follow-up course was introduced. The Advanced Starter Seminars treat business aspects and starting up a company more in-depth.


This year’s closing session of both courses is organized by Crosstalks and focuses on crowdfunding.


Launch event on September 29
At the launch event, Marc Goldchstein, main lecturer and driving force, will provide more info on the seminar program and speakers, from VUB as well as the business world. We are also proud to have some successful VUB entrepreneurs testifying about starting up their company. And vice-rector Innovate Hugo Thienpont will give his own vision on entrepreneurship at the university.


More information

As an engineer or scientist you lack some background in business management. Through the starter seminars I acquired the necessary basic knowledge on marketing, business planning, financial and other aspects when starting up a company. Not in the least thanks to some inspiring speakers. Now it’s my turn to inspire future entrepreneurs!
Daniël Van Nieuwenhove, co-founder VUB spin-off Optrima en CTO SoftKinetic, now Sony