U bent hier

Design, tailor and launch your own study method with a twist, fit your learning path to measure and work it all off with a twist of confidence. That is the success cocktail the VUB Study Guidance Centre offers students. To be ready for the moment of truth, VUB students are strongly encouraged to register and partake in the wide range of workshops available.


The teaching period is full of study rules and therefore a crucial time for students to get the appropriate study guidance. The Student Council underlined this to the policy-making bodies of the university during the last academic year. While the VUB is already known for its personal approach when it comes to students, guidance counselling addresses further the demand for methodology in studying.


Students can approach the VUB study guidance services for free personal or group sessions. In some disciplines, particularly those of first year bachelors, the study guidance team even offers workshops that reflect the student’s curriculum. Aside from these there are workshops widely accessible to all students of the university. Last year 696 students registered themselves for the counselling group sessions.


The study guidance workshops focus on study skills and planning, and on the specific challenges of giving presentations or the writing of a bachelor or master thesis. Those needing to enhance their academic Dutch language skills can rely on ACTO at the VUB campus.



Because student counselling is more than just improving academic performance. End of semester results should go hand in hand with a positive feeling. The welfare of the student is key. Therefore training to manage exam stress and anxiety are important skills offered on top of psychological counselling.



The result is a versatile range of workshops in Jette and Etterbeek in Dutch and English. They are offered both during the day and in the evening, and are repeated in the second semester. This allows every student to participate. Students can register online via the MY.VUB student portal.


Tailored approach

The perfect formula for study skills acquisition does not exist. The coaches will address a number of the ‘ingredients’ during workshops but the cocktail mixing is left up to the students themselves. Through an interactive approach, focused on ‘learning from each other’, they aim to encourage students to translate the tips directly to their own personal situation. That way coaching goes beyond theory where the students invest energy that is put immediately into practice.


What’s more, you can ensure the cocktail leads to a party celebration at the end of the year!


Overview of the study guidance workshops