U bent hier

"Met de Legal Wall bieden we jongeren een plek om hun talenten te ontplooien”, zegt rector Caroline Pauwels.

On Thursday 20th of October, VUB uncovered a brand new, colourful art wall facing the street side nearby its sports facilities. The wall, a so-called Legal Wall, was realised in cooperation with artists of the Brussels organisation Urbana.


The initiative of the wall fits in with the vision of rector Pauwels to tear down the walls between university and city – this time by painting one as to diminish its barrier function. The project has been initiated by the VUB departments Sports and Movement, Culture and the VUB Arts Advisory Board.

We offer youngsters a place to develop their talents
Rector Caroline Pauwels

“By cooperating with Urbana we are bridging the gap between our university and its urban setting,” siay Pauwels. “The artists of the group are giving our campus a young, artistic and open character. In return, we offer these and other young Brussels artists a way to develop their street art in a legal way.”


With the construction of U-residence on its premises, the Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus has opened up to its surroundings. More and more people are fiding the way to its green space. The downside of it is that the walls that were previously hidden from an outside view, became a target for loose graffiti artists. Hence the idea to create a ‘Legal Wall’, on which painting is allowed for artists having obtained a permission from Urbana to do so.