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VUB-vicerector Onderwijs en Studentenbeleid Jan Danckaert: "We zien steeds meer studenten die hun leven een andere richting willen geven en bij ons een master aanvatten in een voor hen volledig nieuw domein."

Education never stands still, and that’s true for working students too. Because of that, VUB has decided to focus more on master’s programmes, given that more and more incoming working students already have a degree. There is also a focus on blended learning, according to Jan Danckaert, the new vice-rector for Education and Student Policy.



In transition


The system of evening and weekend education for working students is in transition, says Danckaert. “Before, lots of working students didn’t have a higher education diploma. Today, most of them already have a degree. Some of them still need that additional master’s degree to go further, but we also see more students who want to move their life in a new direction, and choose to embark in an entirely new field.”


Emphasis on master programmes


“In the future, therefore, we will put more emphasis on programmes providing access to master’s, and on master’s programmes themselves. As for complete bachelor’s courses for working students, I’m not sure if we will continue offering that. We need to see if there will be enough demand to justify these evening classes, which have a big effect on staff,” Danckaert says.


What most certainly will not change is the quality of training and guidance VUB offers working students, he says. “More than other universities, we are committed to intensive supervision.” That means the integration of teaching techniques in evening and weekend education. “We will commit to blended learning for working students,” says Danckaert. “Contact education will remain important, but we want more variety, such as online tasks, distance learning and filmed lessons.”