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On 31 March 2017, U-Multirank published its latest multidimensional ranking of Higher Education Institutions. U-Multirank is a unique webtool for students, their parents, teachers and advisers. It is for researchers, for decision-makers in institutions, for employers and businesses. It is also for governments, ministries and policy-makers and for the media. 


U-Multirank covers five ‘dimensions’ of performance: teaching and learning, research, knowledge transfer, international orientation and regional engagement. Not one dimension is more or less important than any other. Each is relevant in different contexts and to different users. Every user can define its own mixture of performance indicators across dimensions. This is what makes U-Multirank a ‘multi-dimensional’ ranking and an interesting comparison tool. Hereby, U-Multirank aims “to correct the ‘football-league’ mentality of over-simplified league table rankings” and instead claims to provide “transparent, statistically sound and fair comparisons”. Moreover, in comparison to those typically league table rankings, U-multirank claims to  respect the specific characteristics of universities (and regions) as it is based on a more extensive set of indicators.


U-Multirank presents the results with lists of indicators and visualises them with sunbursts. The characteristic sunburst shows that the Vrije Universiteit Brussel has good to very good scores compared to other universities, and this on almost all indicators.


To provide comparable data to U-Multirank, the VUB has worked closely together with the majority of Flemish universities in order to achieve an efficient and high-quality data collection, which definitely paid off. The U-Multirank results therefore nuance the image that other list-based-rankings indicate, which applies in fact for most Flemish universities.


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