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In 2016, VUB and UGent set up an ambitious joint programme  to tear down the walls between political science, sociology and communication studies, allowing students to build solid bridges between all three disciplines. The best of three worlds where you can mix and match your analyticals skills, methodological strengths and combine with expertise on European institutions and social issues. 40 nationalities and 146 students so far, make the bachelor in Social Sciences a successful programme.  And, most importantly, our students are happy!


First year students about the bachelor Social Sciences:

Within my first year, I was actively engaged as a member of the VUB's Model United Nations team and in student associations. This Bachelor puts you in contact with the best of student life, while giving you an amazing introduction to the three core social sciences!
Caroline Lochs, Brazil
A day doesn't go by without new insights and thrilling knowledge about the world. Our social sciences programme is literally breathing.
Thabit Hamror, Sudan
This Bachelor not only gets to boast about being an international programme, it also lives up to (and goes beyond) an international standard.
Adrienne Arnot-Bradshaw, Australia
It's a luxury for a "bruxelloise" have the entire world in my class room without leaving my city
Zinaïda Sluijs, België

Facts & figures

  • 1 programme
  • 2 universities: VUB and UGent
  • 3 disciplines
    • Political Science
    • Sociology
    • Communication
  • Studies
  • 40 nationalities
  • 146 students in total


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