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According to granny, Einstein developed his theory of relativity during the second exam session. Her fantastic motivational speech took the sting out of bad exam results in June. But she made her point clear: the importance of graduating in June is relative. If you plan your second session exams in a smart and calm fashion, you could turn it into a positive experience where you gain more knowledge. Here are some post-exam and second session prepping tips.


The first thing to do after your results are out is to download your transcript of records in the Student Self-Service. If you are an exchange student, you can only consult your grades, since the official document is issued by your home university. How to download and check your exam results can be found in the ‘post exam toolkit’ on MY.VUB


Every faculty offers the possibility of exam feedback. Make sure to discuss any exams you failed or any bad grades you got: the best insights come from your own mistakes. Check your faculty communication to know how this is organised. For some oral exams, you will have to register through Pointcarré. Again, check your faculty communication for this. 


If you passed less than 60% of your courses, or did not match your binding conditions, you will receive an e-mail from the VUB Study Guidance team, highlighting the VUB regulations on study progress, and how to get support.  


The VUB study guidance centre will be open all summer. They can coach you individually on how to tackle the second session exams. If you need other services, please check the special summer opening hours on MY.VUB. Also professors are entitled to take some vacation. Please inform about the disponibility of your promotor beforehand, and be aware that it could take some time to get an answer by e-mail.


Depending on the number of courses you need to retake, is it best to set-up a global planning to determine your starting point in a correct way. This should be the first thing you do when you finish the first exam session. After that, relax up to the date you set yourself to start working for the second session exams. Make sure you let it go and relax completely. Forgetting the exams is the best thing to do. 


When you start-up the study machine again, you can contact the VUB Study Guidance centre for individual sessions on exam skills, planning and stress management. They can teach you how to plan your study summer, and how to improve your exam performance strategically. They can also teach you techniques to stay relaxed in stressful circumstances.    


By mid-August, you will re-enter the exam period again. Until the end of the second exam period, the university will organise group study on campus. And the VUB study guidance centre stays at your side throughout.


Good luck! 


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