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The new Learning & Innovation Center

On the boundary between the VUB and ULB campuses in Elsene a new building will arise in a few years time. Beliris, the federal building expert for Brussels, launched the studies for the design of the new Learning and Innovation Center (LIC) in September. 


The new study center will offer diverse new learning environments to students of both VUB and ULB: silent rooms for individual study, rooms to do course work together, experience centers for activities of smaller groups and active learning rooms. Moreover, the ties with external partners from the corporate world will be tightened through project and exposition spaces. 


Finally the Learning and Innovation Center wants to be an exemplary building in all possible ways: constructed out of environmentally friendly materials, seamlessly integrated in the green surroundings and equipped with high performance IT applications. 

The LIC perfectly illustrates how we guarantee the quality of our future educational systems in a proactive way - Yvon Englert, rector of ULB
Yvon Englert, rector of ULB

Thanks to the digital tools, visitors will have access to worldwide knowledge sources and be able to get in touch with like-minded scientist across the globe. The LIC will consist of seven floors, totalling an area of 2000m². In total it will have a capacity of 1.000 persons, of which 80% will be students, 10% academic staff and 10% external visitors.


The LIC will be construed as an incubator for innovation and a networking center where the academic world and society will meet each other, a place where research, exchange of ideas and education come together.

As an international knowledge center we want to build bridges and find solutions for scientific and socio-cultural challenges
Caroline Pauwels, rector of VUB