U bent hier

From March 26th through 30th, hundreds of VUB and ULB students will abandon their campuses. Instead of attending classes in familiar environments they head out all over Brussels and will be taught by professionals of our Brussels partner organisations. VUB staff members also breach out in the city center. This way Brussels becomes a giant learning and working spot for both students and staff.


Students will visits corporations, cultural centers, government institutions, hospitals, courts, sports clubs, museums and international institutions and will follow classes, attend guest lectures and exchange experiences with professionals. Students majoring in educational sciences work in Kuregem on outreach programs and gentrification. Students in Educational Sciences follow classes at Muntpunt and other socio-cultural organisations in Brussels. These are just two of many more examples.


The city with all its history, diversity in institutions and companies, multilingual, ethnic cultural, socio-economic and ideological diversity has a lot to offer to our students. The weKONEKT.brussels week allows our students to experience this very diverse Brussels context up close and personal.


Staff members join in
The cooperation between VUB and Belfius is another concrete example. Belfius invites some 100 students in Economic Sciences as well as the university’s financial department for a one day experience exchange. For many students this is the ideal occasion to get a taste of their future working environment. The staff members of the financial department will get tips on how to improve their workings.


Infopunt, the central point of contact for students, will reside at Muntpunt for a whole week. Do you have a meeting with a colleague from Infopunt in the last week of March? Better hop to the city.


Brussels City Campus
Since 2017 VUB and ULB have a number of fix bases in the city center under the denominator Brussels City Campus. Various organisations offer their locations as college auditoriums or working spaces, so that students can head into the city during the whole semester to attend classes. On their way there: seeing, experiencing and being inspired by Brussels. The weKONEKT.brussels week of VUB and ULB puts the cherry on top!


For all your questions, suggestions or stories, please contact info@konekt.brussels



Partners of weKONEKT.brussels are among others: Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie, BOZAR, Muntpunt, de Beursschouwburg, Brussels Info Place, Belfius, BELvue, Cinematek, het Nationaal Orkest van België, de MIVB, het VBO, Syntra, Via Via, Kaaitheater, KVS, Flagey, Solvay and P&V.