U bent hier

Friday 13th, 2015. A date that will be forever connected to the atrocious multiple terror attacks in Paris that caused immeasurably human suffering. At the same time they were a targeted attack on our open en free societies. “In observing a minute of silence with all VUB students and staff, we honour the victims of the Paris attacks”, says rector Paul De Knop. 


“But we will also take time to contemplate all other innocent victims of terror”, De Knop continues. “The lethal bombings in Beirut last week, but also the daily hell of Syria and other unsafe places in the world where citizens fall prey to fear, terror and bloodshed, also come to mind.”


Open society

Against religious and ideological extremists that will not tolerate other ways of life than the ones they adhere to. Against fanatical terrorists that justify the slaying of hundreds of innocent victims, we can only place our own determination. A determination based on resolute, unanimous and reasonable arguments that defends the values that form the pillars of our free, open and humanistic society.  


Building M - 12pm

That is why rector Paul De Knop calls on everyone to join him at the rectorate building at lunchtime on Monday 16th of November. Or - when that is not possible, to honour the minute of silence elsewhere. “A symbolic minute is a significant gesture”, De Knop emphasises, “but I trust that everyone will contemplate much longer on the recent events. The Verhaegen memorial of November 20th, where together with the ULB we remember the foundation of our free thinking university, surely is a choicely moment to do so.”