U bent hier

UPDATE: The explosion that could be heard near U-Residence (campus Etterbeek) was a controlled initiated explosion by the bomb squad DOVO.  

VUB asks all students and staff at its campuses to move indoors and stay there, and to keep following the updates. The previously communicated meeting place in Etterbeek for psychological counselling U-Residence has been moved to Aula QC. In Jette the meeting place is the student restaurant. 

VUB has organised emergency shelter and follows the situation closely. Since the traffic is stuck, we advise students and staff to stay on campus. You can call the Student Information Hub at 02/629.20.10 of mail to info@vub.ac.be. You can find emergency numbers below. 


Possibly the lines are overloaded. Please follow our updates on social media and VUBToday/MY.VUB. We ask staff and students to let their family and friends know they are safe.


Classes will go on as scheduled, but entry points will be limited and the security measures of terror level 4 are in effect again. Students and staff members are advised to stay on our campuses for now, follow the news and reassure their family members of their safety.


VUB asks all students that still need to travel to campus, to not do so today.   



We will provide an update hourly.