U bent hier

Tijdens een open discussieavond van de Studentenraad kreeg een strijdplan voor nachtvervoer het meeste aandacht van de aanwezige denkers.

A small, but brave group of students showed up at Loungebar 1050 for the open discussion night of the Student Council. Dedicating your final brain energy to the fortune of our campuses should be rewarded with a medal for courage and sacrifice. More Brussels on the curriculum and a battle plan for public transport at night were the most heavily discussed topics among the present thinkers.


What stood out immediately during the welcome round amongst the present student from various study areas was that VUB already spends a lot of time to the capital in its courses. Almost every student could give an example of how their course linked to Brussels. But that there are many opportunities in that area still, was also a point of unanimous consent.


“A different lecture in every subway car, so that commuters can choose what course to follow”

Most attendees look forward to classes in the city, why not even on the subway? As a VUB student you have to experience the exceptional city that Brussels is first hand, the majority finds. It is however a double edged sword: the campus should entice Brussels in for a dynamic interaction.


According to students, different fields of study should be able to cooperate through the Brussels Studies Institure. Redelijk Eigenzinnig - the interdisciplinary elective course that takes place in various venues across Brussels - should become an ‘compulsory elective’. Projects, internships and dissertations should also be more practically applicable to Brussels. An intensified cooperation with the Erasmushogeschool offers even further opportunities.


Who needs to take the lead in the Brusselsification of the curriculum remains a matter of much discussion. The curriculum is a responsibility of the faculties, but students do not want to the workload of the already overburdened professors. On the other hand the do not wish to leave this important challenge to the randomness of individual commitment. A central thematic project could offer a more realistic solution here.


“If we have a way home at night, we could solve the problems of barkeepers in the pedestrian zone in no time.”

Work hard, play hard! Also for students who like to unwind after a day of coursework in the city. The Student Council has raised the issue of lacking public transportation from the city for a while now. They find that the public transportation on offer is too limited during the week, which in turn suppressing their urge to descend from their safe campus cloud.


Aside from a battle plan for the cabinet of minister Pascal Smet, a few other topics were discussed: student counselling, the overload of emails, inter-universitary debates, bike parking spaces and more Villo.


To round up the open discussion forum the attendees shared a beer together. Brussels is a whole bunch of ideas richer!


Do you also have an opinion on one of these topics, or have totally different suggestions? One address: studentenraad@vub.ac.be