U bent hier

Studenten, personeel en anderen kunnen vanaf nu lokaal geteelde voeding bestellen, die wekelijks wordt geleverd.

Later this month the VUB GreenTeam will be starting up a ‘Buurderij’ in Etterbeek. With this project students, staff and others will be able to order locally grown food, which will be delivered by the farmers themselves every week.


The past few decades agriculture has grown more and more towards mass production. More than a few farmers have traded up from local farming to industrial production. However, there seems to be some sort of shift back towards sustainable food coming up. Climate awareness or not, sustainable food is on the rise.

Sustainable food
The VUB GreenTeam responds to this growing demand by starting up a ‘Buurderij’ on the Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus. Everyone will be able to order locally grown food (fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy, …) with this project, which will be starting later this month.

This short-chain has a few advantages: the farmers all get a fair price and the ecological impact from locally farmed food is a lot smaller than Australian Pink Ladies, for example. The consumer in his turn chooses fresh, healthy and sustainable food. And he can even spend some time chatting with the farmers themselves, when picking up the order.

How does it work?
Easy: sign up at the ‘Buurderij’ website. The project will start when it reaches 100 subscriptions. Starting then, you will be able to order and pay online. The farmers will deliver their products every Tuesday evening on the campus in Etterbeek, between 17h and 18h on the ground floor of building M. Any questions? Ask away via greenteam@vub.ac.be.